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The best stollen in Sydney

Someone just asked on twitter where they could find really good stollen in Sydney. Now PPAL’s in Sydney and she was tempted to tweet right back and say Coles has 500g stollen for $6.99 but she knows that that’s not what the enquirer was looking for. And she wouldn’t want them to think she was making fun of them.

In the inner-city Sydney latte belt you can’t buy any old stollen, you need to find the top stollen, the absolutely sublime stollen, the really, really special stollen.

A latte couldn’t possibly go down to Coles and buy 500g stollen for $6.99. Unless they took it home and unwrapped it and pretended to have made it themselves.

Now PPAL thinks having rich, sweet, spiced stollen at all is special given that it’s usually only sold around Christmas time. She has made her own stollen, but it takes a while and if she wanted stollen quickly, she’d happily buy it from Coles.

But she might need to keep quiet about it.


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