Reality check on cooking at home

November 7, 2009 at 4:36 am Leave a comment

Following PPAL’s 121009 posting Lattes’ dinnertime dilemma about how difficult it can be for Sydneysiders to go home and cook the food they’ve bought, Phillip O’Neill says he is appalled not just by their wasteful tendency to throw out food uncooked, but also that they probably bought it at Coles or Woolworths.

O’Neill in his article Reality check in aisle nine (SMH 301009) observes that Sydneysiders, as well as wanting their food to be fresh and nutritious, also have concerns about how and where it is produced. They want their food choices to reflect their desire for an inclusive society and global equity on an unthreatened planet.

But O’Neill cruelly observes that lattes tend to watch a television cooking show rather than actually cooking so their fresh food has a good chance of ending up dumped. He describes Sydneysiders’ food desires as “little more than fantasies”, pointing out that each week the average household spends nearly five times more on takeaway or eat-out food than it does on fresh vegetables.

To make matters worse, the dumped food was probably bought at Coles or Woolworths. By choosing to shop at supermarkets, lattes are helping to exclude small independent retailers and growers from making a living, he says.

Although he acknowledges there might be a time problem, O’Neill also says maybe lattes’ personal belief systems are thin. Really, he’s very harsh.

What is the point in living in Sydney if one can’t enjoy the glories that it offers? Lattes can’t possibly be at the openings and the talks and the films and the performances and also be at home chopping. Doesn’t this make sense? And how many friends would lattes have if their values were out of kilter?

It’s all perfectly reasonable, if you think about it.


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