Leave the bananas up north

October 10, 2009 at 11:41 pm Leave a comment

Great article this week by Debra Jopson in the SMH“Sydney’s $1b rubbish bin”.
The article stated that the $603 million worth of fresh produce that householders in Sydney throw out every year is close to the $660 million combined income of all the farms in the metropolitan basin. And that’s without the leftovers.

So Sydneysiders with big recipe collections, backyard pizza ovens, and kitchens full of tagines and bamboo steamers may be too busy to cook the fresh food we’ve bought from our local farmers market.

There’s so many cheap cafes in Sydney that it’s easier to grab something from them then go home, face up to the empty wok and start chopping.

And a lot of us are racing around town so much that we’re not home often anyway. When dinner time comes and that great place we’ve read about in “Good Living” is close by, in we race.

However, much of the fresh food Sydneysiders throw away travels a long way to Sydney, from places where it may not be available to the people who live there.

My friends in North Queensland tell me that it can be a battle for them to find much food to buy at all from the supermarket, and that’s almost the only place they can shop.

A lot of the vegetables and fruit grown there are bought by Woolworths and Coles and sold down south. While Sydneysiders are complaining about how expensive bananas are, they may not be able to buy bananas at all.

But do we really need to bring fruit and vegetables in from north Queensland and other places?

Wouldn’t it make more sense to increase the amount of land available for market gardens outside Sydney, buy the food they produce and leave the North Queensland people some bananas to eat?

Particularly given that we throw so much of their food away.


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